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Every employer wants to create and maintain a safe working environment. We take pride in assisting you by creating good quality health & safety risk assessments that are perfectly tailored to your workplace. Not only do our risk assessments help improve overall safety and wellbeing, but they are a hassle-free way to ensure you remain compliant with the law and avoid expensive fines.

If you would like to find out more about any of Environtec’s services, please get in touch. With offices and laboratories across the UK, we can help you wherever you are located.

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Take the hassle out of your property health & safety risk assessments

If you want to keep compliant with health & safety law, you need to undertake good quality risk assessments. Done properly, these assessments can identify where you don’t meet regulatory requirements – and can show you how to make practical improvements.

On the other hand, a poor health & safety risk assessment can fail to improve workplace safety and, if something subsequently goes wrong, you could be prosecuted.

At Environtec, all our risk assessments are conducted by an experienced and qualified ‘competent person’. This ensures you get a first-class service that helps you comply with the law and create a safer working environment.


Property Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Our property risk assessments will identify risks in your property and give you detailed recommendations to improve safety. They look at all risks that may be posed by your buildings, machinery and working practices.

What you get

  • A thorough risk assessment by an experienced Risk Consultant We’ll look for any health & safety risks that need attention
  • Useful adviceWe’ll give you advice on any risks that need immediate attention
  • A detailed written report – This will help you make improvements and provide evidence of your work to comply with the law
  • Peace of mind – You’ll know that your risk assessment has been done professionally and expertly.

Remember, risk assessments need to be updated regularly and to take into account potential new risks. We can help you update your assessments as needed, whether they’ve been prepared by us or someone else.

Task-based or employee-specific risk assessments

Sometimes you’ll need special risk assessment for specific tasks. For example, you may start using new equipment, working under new conditions, or begin following new procedures. Similarly, you many need to undertake risk assessments for certain employees, such as those with particular health conditions. We can conduct both task-based and employee-specific risk assessments for most industries.

What you get

  • Enhanced levels of safety You’ll have a detailed risk assessment for your chosen tasks or employees
  • Stronger complianceMore detailed assessments help strengthen compliance with health & safety legislation
  • Immediate adviceIf we have any immediate concerns or recommendations, we’ll tell you on the day
  • A detailed reportWe’ll prepare a report with detailed findings and suggestions for improving safety

As with our general risk assessments, we can update these specific assessments as needed. Simply get in touch to learn how we can help.

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