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Supalux – all that glitters is not asbestos free!
Supalux – all that glitters is not asbestos free!

Supalux is the trade name of one type insulating board that was meant to be an asbestos free alternative product to asbestolux.

This sample from a recent project was taken after a section metal cladding fell off to the external wall of a walkway of a block of flats in Yorkshire revealing a Supalux panel and debris. The material had the usual appearance of Supalux with a high Mica content but also contained levels of Amosite.  The picture below was taken through the stereo microscope which shows the Mica and the Amosite fibre, which is clearly within the matrix of the material and not from a cross contamination from sampling. The Amosite is located just below the centre to the right of the sample.

W504 - Proficiency module syllabus
W504 – Asbestos and Other Fibres
P901 - Proficiency module syllabus
P901 – Legionella – Management and Control of Building Hot and Cold Water Services
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