Helping to restore a unique listed building

Posted on 2021-12-03 by Garda Design

Currently undergoing a two-year redevelopment programme, Skinners Hall in London has been a complex and very specialist project. It’s not every day that you work in a building with 13th Century stonework and timbers that survived the Great Fire of London in 1666.

“The listed and historic city building has its own unique challenges,” said Luke Perry, Contracts Manager at Environtec. “Making sure that any asbestos is removed safely, without causing any irreparable damage to the building is certainly a balancing act.”

The first phase of the project was an asbestos survey of Skinners Hall, before any contractors could conduct any redevelopment work. The areas where asbestos was found were made secure and contractors were informed that asbestos was present in certain parts of the building.

The second phase of the project has been the removal of asbestos containing materials. By working closely with our client, we have been able to ensure isolations are in place and have liaised with the other contractors so that our works are conducted safely.

“Some of the timbers date back to 1600’s which are grade 1 listed, so it’s not possible to simply remove them,” adds Luke. “Many of the timbers survived the Great Fire of London; so, we’ve worked closely with the removal contractor and our client to ensure these are protected.”

Helping to restore a unique listed building