This e-learning course explains what is meant by discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying and the negative effects these can have on individuals, customers and the workplace environment. The Introduction to Equality and Diversity e-learning course uses a range of examples and scenarios of ‘typical situations that could undermine fairness, dignity and respect – or could be against the law.

The Introduction to Equality and Diversity e-learning course covers:

  • Approaching Equality and Diversity – exploring and setting out the main themes and current policy and legal areas that need to be considered in relation to understanding equality and diversity in a workplace context

  • Fairness and Dignity – challenges or behaviours in situations that can undermine or damage respect, dignity and fairness in your place of work


Assessment – the Introduction to Equality and Diversity e-learning course ends with a short assessment to test the learning and solidify the understanding.

Course Length and Certificates

This eLearning module will take a typical employee approximately 90 minutes to complete. On successful completion of the course each delegate is provided with a Certificate.

Browser requirements

To complete the courses, users will require a browser with the Adobe Flash plug-in. We recommend the following desktop environment:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or above (IE 6 and above is supported)
  • Browsers must be set to support JavaScript and must have plug-ins enabled (default settings)
  • Macromedia Flash player latest version (we support version 6 and above)
  • A sound card / audio ability

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Course Fee: £29.00+VAT per delegate