Effective environmental management can bring many benefits to organisations, such as cost savings, a good corporate image and the attraction of new investment. It will also help your organisation stay on the right side of the law. A key part of environmental management is to provide training to your employees on how they can minimise their environmental impact.

The Solution

Our Environmental Awareness e-learning course is targeted at all employees within an organisation and will increase knowledge of good environmental working practice.

The Environmental Awareness e-Learning course covers:

  • What environmental awareness is and why is it important
  • A brief introduction to environmental law
  • How to identify the environmental impacts of your organisation
  • What a carbon footprint is
  • Environmental effects of emissions to air
  • Water, how we can protect a valuable resource
  • How you can minimise waste
  • Energy use and energy efficiency
  • Noise and the environment
  • Approaches to environment management

Course Length and Certificates

This eLearning module will take a typical employee approximately 30 minutes to complete. On successful completion of the course each delegate is provided with a Certificate.

Browser requirements

To complete the courses, users will require a browser with the Adobe Flash plug-in. We recommend the following desktop environment:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or above (IE 6 and above is supported)
  • Browsers must be set to support JavaScript and must have plug-ins enabled (default settings)
  • Macromedia Flash player latest version (we support version 6 and above)
  • A sound card / audio ability

Please contact us for more information on all eLearning modules and to request group booking discounts.

Course Fee: £29.00+VAT per delegate