The Customer Focus e-learning course includes 4 e-learning modules covering topics including:

  • The meaning of customer focus
  • Effective communications
  • Responding to individual needs and evaluating skills in the area of customer focus and customer service.

The Customer Focus e-learning course helps employees to understand why customer service training is important to them as an individual and to their organisation.

The final Customer Focus e-learning module is about responding to customer needs.

All of the knowledge from the previous modules are combined in this highly interactive and media rich module with the introduction of further skills such as the questioning funnel, respecting diversity, understanding accessibility, understanding how rapport can be built with customers.

Course Length and Certificates

Our Customer Focus e-learning course will take a typical employee approximately 30 minutes to complete. On successful completion of the course each delegate is provided with a Certificate.

Browser requirements

To complete the courses, users will require a browser with the Adobe Flash plug-in. We recommend the following desktop environment:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or above (IE 6 and above is supported)
  • Browsers must be set to support JavaScript and must have plug-ins enabled (default settings)
  • Macromedia Flash player latest version (we support version 6 and above)
  • A sound card / audio ability

Please contact us for more information on all eLearning modules and to request group booking discounts.

Course Fee: £29.00+VAT per delegate