Asbestos Management

Posted on 2014-08-04 by env_admin (@Environtec)


Environtec has the experience and expertise to undertake asbestos surveys to all types of buildings and establishments. Environtec’s refreshing approach is completely independent, impartial and incorporates a reporting format document integrity.

  • Environtec’s competitive all inclusive price includes:
  • Producing a user-friendly asbestos register in accordance with the current legislation.
  • Compiling a risk assessment of asbestos containing materials.
  • Detailing recommendations and asbestos management plans so that the building manager can conform to relevant legislation.
  • Analysis of all bulk samples.
  • Advice on findings identified within the report.
  • Comprehensive photographs and plans to highlight asbestos occurrences.

Project Management

Environtec offer a complete turnkey operation for the project management of asbestos remedial work that begins with the initial location and conditions survey.Our Project management teams upon instructions from the client can:

  • Advise the client on the asbestos risks to be remedied.
  • Produce a detailed Method Statement/Specification with an agreed Scope of Work.
  • Competitively tender the works with licensed asbestos contractors from our approved list.
  • Produced a detailed and itemised Tender Analysis Report with recommendations.
  • Procure the asbestos removal works from start to finish undertaking all supervision and analytical air monitoring in accordance with our HSE Licence.
  • Ensure the area handed back to the client is safe for re-occupation with detailed certification documenting the project on a daily basis.

The client can rest assured that our independence and impartiality shall protect their interest at all times throughout the project.


Let Environtec take away your concerns with complying with asbestos management regulations. Environtec can provide the complete package as the necessary follow up support to the client, in compliance with legislation.

As part of our consultancy we can offer:

  • Asbestos Management Plans.
  • Training.
  • Asbestos Labelling.
  • Our popular Permit to Work Scheme.
  • Re-Surveys and Asbestos Register Up-Dates.
  • Expert Witness in Judicial Cases.

In Addition we offer a 24-Hour support line on 01245 381900 for up to date free advice on asbestos issues.

Laboratory Analysis

Environtec can carry out analysis of asbestos in bulk materials and also offer density checks for materials to access conformity to relevant legislation.