Health and Safety
Security & Disclosure
Community Engagement
Supply Chain
Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption
For a company that delivers asbestos consultancy services, it’s unsurprising that health and safety is our top priority. This focus is driven by our leadership and filters through our entire organisation in everything we do.

Our policy arrangements help us to create and maintain working environments that are safe and promote well-being. They also enable us to apply robust operating and consultancy practices that protect our workforce and the communities around us.

The company Directors have set clear expectations designed to embed a strong safety culture within our workforce.  Health and safety training is provided for managers, supervisors and consultants, to a syllabus in line with the standards approved by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and other national training organisations to which the company subscribes to.

Our dedicated health and safety management team provide support and advice to all levels of the company, helping Environtec to maintain the highest level of health and safety standards. They strive to develop the key value that it is not just ‘what’ we do, but ‘how’ we do it that is important to our company. Performance against specific health and safety objectives and targets is reported regularly, and includes statistical data on incidents and other key performance indicator criteria. Environtec aims to maintain its statistics well below the national industry average.

In the modern world it is essential to aim for a sustainable future, and this involves protecting and improving the environment for future generations. For this reason we work to avoid, minimise and mitigate environmental impacts wherever we do business.

We manage the environmental and social impacts of our asbestos consultancy operations and projects through our operating management system (OMS) certified to ISO 14001.  This helps each of our offices to monitor and manage their impact throughout the entire operation life cycle of each project delivered.

Our employees undergo mandatory and on-going training in environmental and asbestos awareness. Full time, in-house advisors provide guidance in environmental matters, including the widespread use of environmental opportunity and risk assessments on all projects.

Waste management is of the utmost importance and we are committed to delivering zero waste projects where no waste is sent directly to landfill. To divert waste away from landfill we operate a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ hierarchy, starting with careful selection and use of materials. We are committed to the development of our key environmental performance indicators and the fulfilment of our waste minimisation strategy.

For example, we have adopted new technologies and embraced specifically designed software to enable the delivery of electronic reports that have reduced our use of paper. Wherever possible we use our influence as asbestos consultants to improve the whole-life environmental performance of our clients and their designers’ construction projects. In this effort we hope to establish energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for the future.

A commitment to protecting our customers’ privacy runs through the heart of our business and shapes the operation and delivery of our products and services.

To help maintain consistently high standards, we have clear data protection policy that complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. We appreciate that customers trust us with their personal details, and ensure that this information is kept confidential and secure by using it solely for authorised purposes, in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. If there is ever a breach of these standards, we will deal with the matter robustly to protect our customers and retain their trust.

It is now company policy that all consultants must pass through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), preferably at an enhanced level, as a minimum requirement.  We also accommodate additional security clearances for staff when required for certain projects, and have previously worked on behalf of Government departments and security agencies.

We are proud of the societies and communities in which we operate and believe it is our responsibility to have a positive impact in these areas alongside our duties of delivering asbestos consultancy services.

Our operations have the potential to benefit local communities in several ways. The regional offices have helped to create jobs, generate tax revenues, provide opportunities for local suppliers and support community development initiatives. Where possible, we also offer support to local schools and charities.

We are committed to minimising any inconveniences that our projects might cause, and we ensure that those who may be affected by our activities are always made aware of any developments.

We communicate with local communities through a variety of methods including through social media platforms, newsletters, letter drops, notice boards, personal visits, our website, local press, and when appropriate, special open days. In doing so, we give the asbestos consultant a friendly face and a personal touch that is sensitive to local issues and concerns.

Our offices provide financial support to selected local causes and we encourage employees to become actively involved in fundraising for those chosen, at a local or personal level depending on what is appropriate.

Sustainable procurement is an essential and efficient business practice, which is integral to the way we work as an asbestos consultancy. Management of our supply chain takes into account environmental, social and ethical factors to facilitate informed and balanced decisions when procuring the required resources for our projects.

When managing our supply chain, we actively seek to build enduring relationships and adopt a non-adversarial approach at all levels. Our aim is to create open and collaborative working relationships that deliver value for our clients and long-term opportunities for our business.

It is always our intention to trade fairly and in full cooperation with our subcontractors and suppliers. We work hard to identify competent and like-minded organisations capable of meeting our expectations. This is particularly important with regards to health, safety and environmental considerations, especially the commitments we make to our clients and other stakeholders.

To facilitate this, we are increasingly providing information to our suppliers and subcontractors on our environmental expectations of issues such as waste management for asbestos removal. Site visits and other such informal audits of facilities are encouraged to develop a dialogue with suppliers and subcontractors that might further improve collaboration.

We only engage with suppliers and subcontractors who understand the nature of the products, materials and services they are supplying. Our collaborators must recognise their responsibility to protect the environment and foster good relations with their employees and local communities

Honesty and integrity are at the core of our values and ensures our position as an independent and impartial asbestos consultancy.

We expect our staff to behave with professionalism, honesty and integrity at all times, and will not tolerate any form of illegal activity; our employees don’t seek to benefit themselves or others by misusing their position.

We never ask for or give bribes or other inducements, whether directly or indirectly, and we avoid potential conflicts of interest. Whenever company money is spent, measures are taken to ensure that it is appropriate and fully documented.

Our property and equipment is used for business activities only and treated with care and respect. Any suspicion of fraud or theft is reported. We are always careful to avoid potential conflicts of interest and any situations that could be deemed as inappropriate, such as accepting gifts or hospitality. We value our reputation for ethical behaviour, financial probity and reliability, with an understanding that any involvement in bribery would reflect adversely on our image and reputation.

Our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy has been developed to not only ensure that we are compliant with current legislation, but that we actively take steps to protect our reputation.