Posted on 2020-08-28 by env_admin (@Environtec)

We are open for business.

COVID19 has put huge pressure on our industry with the challenges it has brought and it has affected both our clients and our supply chain.

At the beginning of lockdown Environtec Limited asked staff to work at home where possible and this way of working in still in place, this has allowed us to remain operational throughout the pandemic and to continue to provide services and support to our clients.  As lockdown has eased we have introduced a number of measures across our network of offices and laboratories to allow them to safely become operational again.  We continue to ask staff to work at home where possible but having identified the need for some staff to access the office we have conducted detailed risk assessments at each location to ensure they can operate safely within the Government guidelines to make sure we are doing everything to limit the risk of transmission of the virus.  Some of the safety steps we have taken are:

  • There are hand sanitisers for every entry and exit door
  • Antibacterial wipes available for every workstation
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout the buildings
  • Social distancing reminders and signage
  • Signage indicating desks that are out of use
  • Maximum occupancy guidance for smaller rooms within the offices
  • Meetings where possible to be carried out using 3CX, Zoom or Teams in the first instance.

We continue to regularly review and amend these procedures to ensure compliance with the Government guidance.